We can help you reduce your operating costs and empower your fixed ops to get your business back on the road to recovery.

IDEAS ROI Calculation


It’s rare that a technology investment pays for itself in a very short time. The value is often a cumulative return over a period of years as the benefits settle in through consistent utilization and user proficiency.

IDEAS is different and the difference can be measured in a period of months, not years, as our customers can attest to. We invite you to take a few moments and enter some basic information about your Fixed Operations to see how your store can immediately begin the journey toward increased profitability and improved efficiency and sustainability.


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Avg. Hours Per RO
Pages to Scan (After IDEAS)
After entering your monthly RO quantity, click the START button to see how much you can save. If you would like to personalize the data based on your stores, update the Assumptions table to the right.

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